Induction Ceremony for New Members

An induction ceremony was held on April 13, 2021 to formally introduce new members and their mentors into the club. Deb Olejownik, the club president, has set a goal to strengthen the mentor program to maximize the support given to new members to help achieve their goals.

From left to right, Deb Olejownik, DTM, Michelle Stewart, Barbara Crockett, Eileen Seefluth, Andy Craig, DTM, Thom Mabry, Bala Chinnaiah, Dan Murtha, DTM

Andy Craig Joins Professional Speakers Bureau International

The Will Rogers Club is proud to announce that Andy Craig has joined Professional Speakers Bureau International as one of its elite speakers. Andy is an international keynote speaker and trainer. This is indeed a true honor for Andy and our congratulations! The link below provides additional details.

Fifty Years and Counting

The club honored Dwight Dauben on October 6  for being in the club continuously for the past 50 years. He remains active in the club and attends every meeting.

Michelle Craig, DTM, presents a special plaque to Dwight Dauben, DTM

A Celebration of President’s Distinguished for 12 Straight Years!

The Will Rogers Club celebrated its selection of being a President’s Distinguished Club for 2019-2020 at an event held in Haikey Park on September 15, 2020.  This award is given to those clubs that accomplish a high level of achievements throughout the year. Achieving the award for a single year is a high honor and achieving the award for 12 straight years is incredible. This accomplishment puts Will Rogers among the elite clubs of the world.

Andy President, DTM, presents a special plaque to the immediate past president, Barbara Crockett

Deb Olejownik Shines as a Featured Speaker at Oral Roberts University

Deb Olejownik reports that her speech at a recent virtual conference held on September 10, 2020 at Oral Roberts University was very well received! She was the first of six speakers for the event. She worked very hard for the event and used practice sessions to get all of the fine points down. She has a great ability to accept critiques on her speeches, make needed changes, and then proceed to give a powerful speech. Congratulations to Deb. The good news for the future is that she will be a TED speaker which has an international audience.

The organization behind the event is SCORE Tulsa. SCORE is a nationwide volunteer association dedicated to helping individuals intending to start a small business. Deb is the principal within her consulting firm of DJC Core Consulting, LLC and Coaching with HEART.  She is a consultant specializing in stress and burnout and is a leadership coach with a focus on helping leaders get unstuck from hijacking moments. She is from Michigan and Ohio but now resides in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is an award-winning speaker, trainer, and has helped hundreds of individuals and organizations achieve their goals.

 Congratulations to Suzanne Brodner and Deb Olejownik

Congratulations go to Suzanne Brodner and to Deb Olejownik for obtaining their Distinguished Toastmaster Award! This is the highest award given within the Toastmaster organization. Achieving this award means that the Toastmaster has spent multiple years in developing speaking and leadership skills. DTMs often go on to become leaders within the community and in the business world. The DTM awards were recognized at a club meeting held on June 30, 2020.

The awards to Suzanne and to Deb mean that the Will Rogers Club now has 10 members who have achieved the DTM award. This large number of DTM recipients is rarely achieved within an individual club. New members can certainly benefit from the significant experience within the club which in turn can help them to achieve their own goals in Toastmasters.

New Officer Installation

New officers for the 2020-2021 terms were installed at a club meeting on June 30, 2020 by incoming Division Director, Lisa DeSpain. The new officers are listed on a separate page. Two of the officers were not able to attend the meeting in person.

From left to right, Lisa DeSpain, Suzanne Brodner (Sergeant-at-Arms), Sandy Knox (VP Public Relations), Michelle Craig (VP Membership), Barbara Crockett (VP Education), Deb Olijownik (President)

Considerable credit is due to the leadership provided by our outgoing President, Barbara Crockett. The corona virus outbreak occurred during her term necessitating the implementation of Zoom virtual meetings. She viewed the Zoom meetings as an opportunity to learn new skills which in turn helps in our professional development. With the help of newcomer Iris Culp and others, Barbara proceeded to develop the Zoom meeting format to the point where everything flowed very smoothly. Barbara also later led us to the current time where the club is meeting back at its usual location while retaining the virtual format for members who are not yet ready to get back into a public setting. The procedures are complicated, but she along with others have worked out the kinks in the system to the point where almost all of the issues have been solved. Barbara’s leadership during these difficult times has demonstrated to all of us that we need to embrace change not as a negative but as an opportunity to learn new skills.

Andy Craig’s New Book

Andy Craig has written a new book that is available on Amazon. His book is entitled Passion Power: Discover the 3 Indispensable Keys to Your SuccessAndy Craig walks you through the three key areas in creating the success you seek in life. He starts with the question: “Are you settling?” He shares his own journey in the pursuit of his desires in life. He continues and discusses the 3 keys to empowering your success. (1) Your Past. Break through the bondage that has held you captive in your past. (2) Your Provision. Uncover the hidden resources you have in your provision. (3) Your Purpose. Unleash what you were created for with your purpose. Follow these three keys to wield your Passion Power and fuel the achievement of your hidden desires.

Early reviews of the book were very positive.

 New Members

The Will Rogers Club welcomes several new members to the club. They are:

Thom Mabry, long term Tulsa resident now working as a security professional with St. Francis Hospital.

Bala Chinnaiah, originally from India, works in the Tulsa area in the development and application of software.

John McBride, originally from central Oklahoma and now working as a technical representative for a company in Tulsa.

Michelle Stewart, works as a patient service representative at Ascension St. Johns  on Riverside Drive.  She is a long term resident of Tulsa.


Dwight Dauben, DTM welcomes Tom Mabry into the club

Bala Chinnaiah is welcomed into the club by Andy Craig, DTM

John McBride is welcomed into the club by Jon Danh

Barbara Crockett, VP Education, welcomes Michelle Stewart into the club